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Communicate project progress with Hillcharts

Hillia is a free tool to visualize where your projects stand

Get an overhead view of your project

Project progress is not linear, Hillcharts help you separate the discovery phase from the implementation phase.

Follow progress asynchronously and remotely

Every change on the Hillcharts is added to the project timeline. You can easily follow progress and status updates over time.

Connect with all your tools

Synchronize your Hillia projects with your Jira board, Trello board, Asana project or Zapier using the public API.
Share Hill Chart updates directly on Slack with your team.

Hillcharts, a concept introduced by Basecamp

Hillcharts were introduced in 2018 in the Basecamp project management tool.

If you can't use Basecamp but you still want to follow the Shape Up philosophy, you can use Hillia for free to track progress of your own projects with Hillcharts.

Basecamp is a complete project management toolkit that provides among others to-do lists, milestone management, forum-like messaging, file sharing, time tracking tools and Hillcharts which are completely integrated.